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This is gonna be a really tough one! In terms of the distance run vs elevation gain, it will be one of my most difficult races yet. I haven’t run much in Whistler, so I’m not entirely sure how technical the terrain is going to be. If you have an insight into that, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

The race is late in September, so who knows what the conditions will be like. It might be warm, it might be cold. Hopefully, the truth will lie somewhere in the middle! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. The race is also only one month after Squamish 50/50, so I might not even be in good shape yet to tackle this one. As long as I’m not injured though, I will toe the start line and give it a go. My buddy, Darren, is also in this race, so if anything, it will be a good chance to catch up with him.

Here’s what it says about Whistler Alpine Meadows on the race website:

Welcome to the Whistler Alpine Meadows race. Quite simply some of the most fantastic terrain you could ever hope to run on, with the added bonus of being in the world class destination of Whistler, BC.

The Whistler Alpine Meadows trail races (WAM) happen on the Northwest side of town, on terrain that has only been opened up in the last two years. Local Kevin Titus has been instrumental in not only constructing this network but in helping us bring this concept to life. Kevin’s vision, as a lifelong resident of Whistler, is on full display via his crowning achievement, The Skywalk Trail. Runners will be treated to alpine meadows, waterfalls, wildflowers, glaciers and mountain views as far as the eye can see. Did we mention you’ll get to run to a glacier and back? Yeah, you get to run a friggin’ glacier! We think that’s pretty cool…get it…insert sad pun noise.

The Whistler Alpine Meadows races have it all and are not shy on the elevation profile side of things either. Our 12km distance has 650m / 2100ft while our 25km distance will boast 1500m / 5100ft, and our 55km race has a staggering 3350m / 11,000ft! Buckle up!

Mandatory Gear List for 25km and 55km Races:

Well, let’s be honest, the only way off the upper reaches of the mountain if something goes wrong is by helicopter. We will have search and rescue on standby, but as mentioned above, helicopters can’t fly in all weather conditions. With this in mind, here is the mandatory gear list for all 25km and 55km runners.

ALL mandatory gear must be carried by ALL 25k and 55k runner at ALL TIMES.

1) Emergency bivy, like this one OR survival blanket, like this one OR TWO space blankets, like these 2) hooded jacket OR rain poncho 3) gloves and toque or buff 4) whistle 5) fire starting kit which can be as simple as a lighter in a ziplock bag 6) headlamp of at least 100 lumens

*If something goes wrong in the alpine and we cannot fly the helicopter we will have medical assistants bunker down with you for the night. All our volunteers in the upper regions will also be carrying these emergency supplies.

Image by Brian McCurdy Photography

Whistler Alpine Meadows 55k Route Map

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