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My name is Paul Hazon and I'm an amateur ultrarunning father of two, made in England and currently living in North Vancouver, Canada. It's a goal of mine to enter and complete a 100-mile ultramarathon and so I created this blog to track my progress and let others follow along on my journey.

Nipple Chafing: How to Treat & Avoid Runner’s Nipple

Nipple Chafing, also known as Runner's Nipple or Jogger's Nipple, sucks. If this is something you've suffered from in the past, you already know that. The fact that you're reading this article right now suggests that it might be an ongoing issue for you. Whatever your reason for being here, you'll be happy to know that nipple chafing is easily cured and just as easily preventable.

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Day Off: Outside With the Youngest

After a long run on the road yesterday, I decided to take another day off to try and shake some of the niggles in my legs. Next week is a big week as I do my final preparations for Buckin' Hell, which is now just two weeks away. It's gonna be a week [...]

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