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After three hours of recovery from the morning long run, my Google Home finally sounded the alarm to signal it was time to head out again. After experiencing some poor trail conditions earlier in the day, I decided that long run two would be a rare road run and I thought I’d just do a big loop right around North Vancouver.

I kicked things off with a climb up Lynn Valley Road and then an even bigger one up Dempsey. That’s a tough climb at the best of times, but with a morning 30k run in your legs already, it’s just this side of brutal. Still, I knew that once I hit the top, I had a long break before any more significant climbing. So, I buckled down and got it done.

The weather this evening was pretty decent. It wasn’t very cold and the precipitation had stopped. I’m not a huge fan of running on the road, but it felt a lot better than being on the slushy trails.

As I got deeper into the run, my legs started to tighten. I was definitely feeling the effects from earlier in the day, but I think that’s the whole point of a split long run. It’s great training and great practice for when I have to run tired on day two of the Squamish 50/50.

By the end, I was ready to be done. My route wasn’t quite 25k, which is what I had planned and normally I would make it up with some laps around the block. On this occasion though, I decided to just finish it and head home a couple of kilometers short.

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