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This was the first weekend in the training plan with back-to-back long runs on the same day. I was dreading it all week and suddenly it was here. In fact, I’ve been dreading it since I first laid eyes on the training plan! Anyway, the day had arrived and I just had to get out there and do it.

I wouldn’t have been so worried if it were a 55k long run, but the fact that it was split into two was going to make it painful. Running 30k and then having to do out again a few hours later is no small feat, let me tell you!

The conditions today were not ideal. It was cold and raining when I left the house and as I got higher up that started to turn into sleet. It was pooling on the trails and creating freezing cold, slushy puddles that I had no choice but to run through. As I got out onto the Seymour Valley Trailway the temperature dropped and the sleet turned into snow. Approaching Hydraulic Connector the snow on the road started to get deeper and it became difficult to run up the climb. I was breaking trail and it felt like I was on an elliptical trainer. Oh well, great for the ass!

The descent down the connector trail was fast and fun. When I reached Fisherman’s Trail, however, I was back in the slush and there was a lot of it. I was cold and wet but pushed on. I made my way along the trail and up Twin Bridges. By the time I was back at the gazebo I needed another 9k or so to make up the distance I needed to run. I was feeling pretty good, despite the conditions and decided to run a lap of Rice Lake before dropping down onto the Baden Powell via Varley Trail and descending to the bottom end of Lynn Canyon. I returned home via Hastings¬†Creek and Starbucks.

A good run and a really nice route. I got straight into the bath as soon as I got home and set an alarm for three hours later. At this point, I just couldn’t imagine going out and doing it all again in the afternoon!

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